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Testimonials – CF Injury

Greg Chudacoff, thank you very much for all your assistance. You are an excellent lawyer, a wonderful human being and a great philanthropist. I highly recommend you to anyone that requires legal representation. My case was extremely difficult. On top of that the statue of limitation was very near expiration when you began representing me. However, neither of these two obstacles were a problem for you. Thanks to you justice prevailed. You emotionally supported and encouraged me during such a difficult time when my stress level was high due to the toll the accident had on not only my physical health but also my business. Going above and beyond what was required of you. You gave me hope that not only would I win my legal case but that I would physically be able to recover. I am honored to have the opportunity to get to know you not only as a lawyer representing me but also as a human being. Thank you!

Dorys Halftermeyer

It doesn’t matter if your case is big or small, Greg does an outstanding job!

Jeri Sosinski

Greg has saved me several times during his representation of my case. The last one was difficult. If he hadn’t been there, I would not have come out as well as I did.

Sybil Baitz

When my wife and daughter were injured in an automobile accident, Mr.Cherin helped us get the medical treatment needed and obtained a generous settlement for them.

Russell Arentzoff

Marvin Cherin is not only an attorney of immeasurable expertise and skill, he is a compassionate and caring individual who understands on a personal level the physical, emotional, and financial toll that a personal injury can have on your life. I was involved in a severe auto accident, leaving me with tremendous pain and the inability to care for myself and my family. In such a trying moment of in my life, I needed someone who was not only a top-notch attorney, but one that would be supportive, encouraging and honest in the process. I never felt that I was speaking with an attorney, but a caring friend. With the vast array of attorneys, he is a rare find. If you need an attorney that will fight for you and all that you deserve, then Marvin Cherin would be the wisest decision you ever make!

Terri Dumais

Marvin, about 40 years ago I used your services.You were then, and still are to this day, the most fair minded attorney (my daughter excluded) I’ve ever used.

Ron Lyon